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If you’re thinking about trying a fringe for the first time, having a restyle or a trim, we applaud you. They are all great choices when you’re in the hands of a skilled professional. They however are not such a great choice after watching an online tutorial during #COVID19 isolation and thinking you can achieve the same result your stylist did at your last appointment, and here’s why:

1. Training is key: That straight fringe cut or simple trim that seems easy to achieve comes with some technical knowledge that you won’t have unless you’ve gone to trade school and had some experience working with difference hair types, conditions and textures. It takes up to 3 years of training to be become a qualified hairdresser plus ongoing professional development workshops to be able to deliver the latest techniques and trends on demand. So if you don’t have those creds on your CV – please put the scissors down!

2. You can damage your hair: Aside from being left with a bad haircut, using the wrong tools and techniques can seriously damage your hair condition. Taking the wrong sized section of hair or cutting on the wrong angle can result in hair fraying and the structural integrity of your original cut being completely lost.

3. You don’t have the right tools: Professional hairdressing tools and scissors are purpose built and nothing like the ones that you have in your office or kitchen drawer so please, please, please keep them away from your hair!


What you should do: We recommend doing the following in-between salon style cuts:

• Maintain hair quality and disguise split ends in between salon style cuts with products. Give our stylists a call for an over the phone consultation and product recommendation during #iso.

• Use on-trend styling techniques to disguise grown out fringes and styles.

• Try using accessories to draw the eye to a key focal point for your hair look.

Need a professional opinion?
If you’re in need of any assistance during our temporary salon closure period or interested in purchasing products, our stylists are only a call away. Our phone lines will remain open for client enquiries and product purchases from 11am – 4pm, Monday to Friday.

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