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For those of you thinking of colouring your own hair at home during #COVID19 isolation, think again!

It doesn’t matter how many video tutorials you watch on Instagram or Youtube, you won’t be able to achieve a professional salon result at home. Plus, it’s likely that you’ll end up needing colour correction services in the long run. This takes time to correct, comes at a substantial financial cost and often requires multiple appointments to get your locks back in pre-DIY state.

Here’s why we recommend disguising your regrowth in between salon appointments rather than attempting to colour it yourself:

Lighter locks: Each of us has a different amount of red, orange or gold pigment in our hair which is not visible when it’s in its natural form. This undertone becomes visible when you lighten hair with products and chemicals which is why non-professional colours often reflect gold or orange. In salon, we mix multiple colours to work with and counteract the natural pigment of your hair- this can’t be achieved with the ‘one colour suits all’ approach of an at-home packet dye.


Darker tones: For those of you tempted to touch-up your roots up with permanent colour you need to know about colour banding. It happens when you apply new colour to previously coloured hair, which has partly grown out. When you apply the new all-over colour, its absorption is affected by the existing colour, and the result is hair which may appear to have two different tones, or with a visible band around the regrowth line. It’s one of the most common services our colour correction specialists come across and unfortunately, there is only one way to remove these dark bands – and it’s with bleach.

Highlights: If you normally have highlights, please don’t apply an all over colour or attempt to foil yourself. This will eliminate your stylist’s application work and the texture and illusion of volume that goes along with it. It also has potential to remove the definition created for the face and tends to make face shapes appear rounder. The packet colour will also appear warmer than your previous salon application which will emphasise your regrowth.

What you should do: We recommend maintaining your hair colour in-between salons services by:

1. Trying the Oribe Airbrush Collection Root Spray
This clever touch-up spray instantly covers greys and roots to help revive hair and highlights in between appointments. The quick-drying powder formula also absorbs dirt and oil to refresh hair, leaving your hair looking and feeling fresh.

2.Investing in a tinted conditioner
Evo fabuloso is a one-step, at-home colour boosting treatment that instantly refreshes/tones, revives and adds shine to colour treated hair. Available in 8 shades, evo fabuloso can be taken straight from shelf to shower for instantaneous results. Simply use it once a week, for 3-minutes and there you have it… instantly colour boosted and conditioned hair.

3. Re-working your style
There are a range of hair styles and accessories to help disguise regrowth – visit our Instagram for tips, tutorials and inspo.

Need a professional opinion?
If you’re in need of any assistance during our temporary salon closure period or interested in purchasing the mentioned products, our stylists are only a call away. Our phone lines will remain open for client enquiries and product purchases from 11am – 4pm, Monday to Friday.

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