Enjoy a World of Benefits – Join the Clip Joint Salons Team

Enjoy a World of Benefits – Join the Clip Joint Salons Team

Clip Joint Salons has been setting the trend in cutting-edge style for over 50 years in South Australia. With a dedicated team of over 50 talented individuals, Clip Joint Salons is committed to delivering technical excellence, exceptional customer service, and fostering a positive team culture. Whether you’re an experienced professional or just starting your career in the hairdressing industry, working with Clip Joint Salons comes with a wide range of benefits that cater to your individual needs and aspirations.

  1. Competitive Remuneration and Flexible Working Arrangements: At Clip Joint Salons, we value our team members and believe in rewarding their expertise. We offer attractive remuneration packages, ensuring that you’re compensated for your skills and expertise. Additionally, we understand the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance, which is why we provide flexible and family-friendly working arrangements, allowing you to prioritise both your personal and professional commitments.
  2. Ongoing Training and Support: Continuous growth and development are vital to thriving in the hairdressing industry. That’s why Clip Joint Salons is dedicated to providing access to ongoing training, mentorship, and support. Our experienced in-salon teams and head office personnel are there to guide you, helping you stay updated with the latest trends, techniques, and industry knowledge.

    Clip Joint Apprentice Roberto during a mentoring session with Creative Director, Atilio Dusa.
  3. Positive Team Culture: At Clip Joint Salons, we believe in fostering a positive team culture that encourages collaboration and mutual support. Our inclusive environment ensures that every team member feels valued, respected, and motivated to excel in their roles. We work together towards a shared goal of delivering exceptional salon experiences to our clients.
  4. Career Progression and Advancement Opportunities: Whether you aspire to become a manager, join our Clip Joint Creative Team, or pursue a career in education, we provide extensive opportunities for career progression and advancement. You can grow within our organisation, taking on roles that align with your skills and passions. With our sister company, Clip Joint Education, you can even explore educational opportunities within the industry.
  5. VIP Styling Opportunities: As a member of the Clip Joint Salons team, you’ll have the chance to work with VIP guests, media personalities, fashion icons, and sporting figures. You can showcase your creative skills through our involvement in photoshoots, runway shows, film projects, and TV styling.

    Clip Joint Stylist Ogi cuts Tennis Champion Novak Djokovic’s hair at the Adelaide International.  

  6. Perks and Rewards: We believe in rewarding our team members for their dedication and commitment. Enjoy complimentary services, discounted products and tools, and access to our family and friends program. Furthermore, we offer national and international travel opportunities, allowing you to expand your horizons and gain exposure to diverse aspects of industry.

    Clip Joint Creative Team Members on stage at the Asian Hairdressing Industry Association Awards in China.

  7. Job Security and Legacy: Clip Joint Salons has been a trusted name in the hairdressing industry for over 50 years. Joining our team means becoming part of a legacy, offering stability and job security in South Australia. We take pride in our long-standing history and continue to thrive as a local business committed to excellence.
  8. Exclusive Access: Clip Joint’s Brand Partnerships provide team members unparalleled access to Adelaide’s finest events. From exclusive front-row tickets to fashion week, courtside access to the Adelaide International tennis tournament, and prime seats for exhilarating polo matches, our staff gain complimentary access to a plethora of prestigious events. Additionally, our must-attend event of the year is the Clip Joint Family Christmas party, which is accompanied by a series of regular social gatherings held within salon and group teams and interstate travel to attend industry expos.  

Expressions of Interest: If you’re passionate about hairdressing and want to be part of an exceptional team, Clip Joint Salons welcomes Expressions of Interest throughout the year from talented stylists, color technicians, apprentices, salon coordinators, and management personnel who share our values and are committed to delivering excellence.

Working with Clip Joint Salons is more than just a job; it’s an opportunity to be part of a dynamic team that values your skills, fosters your growth, and provides a range of exciting benefits. 

For further information about available positions at Clip Joint Salons, including the specific roles we offer and the desired qualities we seek in potential team members, we invite you to explore our dedicated Careers Page. This resource provides valuable insights into the current openings the management team is actively accepting applications for, along with additional details to help you make an informed decision about joining our team.

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